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"I'm so excited to be spending time with you. I love you, you're awesome, and you deserve to have great, unbelievable things happen for you."
Why My Elite Coaching Program Is The Closest Way To Emulate My Success In Your Own Life And Business
From the desk of Carolina Millan
Viña del Mar, Chile

To struggling Entrepreneurs and Business Owners around the World:
I understand that you're on this page because you're looking for a SHORTCUT, you're looking for a Mentor to take you by the hand, make a plan for you and implement it WITH you.
Starting your own business, online or offline, is hard work. There is no magic bullet, there is no easy way to get rich. However, there are shortcuts that you can follow, there are successful people that you can model and work with, and that, my friend, will make your path to success much faster and more rewarding.

I started the Entrepreneurial game back in 2008 and I know what it's like to struggle. I struggled for years, because I refused to implement, I was scared of investing money in traffic and in mentoring, and I was jumping from one thing to another, unable to FOCUS. I know you can relate to parts of that, but what I really want is for you to relate to the good stuff that happened to me after I had my breakthrough :).

I am looking for people who are willing AND able. Working with me requires time, money and dedication. But as you'll see from the testimonials on this page, I have worked with people all over the World, on different levels, and I have helped them experience breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. I am sure I can do the same for you.

No matter what type of business you have (whether it's an online business, or a brick and mortar business) I have the tools, the experience and the knowledge to help you double your traffic, your conversions and your sales.
Working in Chile with VIP Client Luke Hawkins from Sydney, Australia
Shooting Videos with VIP Client Carolina Sanchez in her home town Algonquin, IL
Working online via Skype with VIP Client Arwin Baauw - The Netherlands
If You Get Accepted Into My Elite Mentoring Program, This Is How It Will Work:

With my Elite Mentoring Program you have 3 options

Option #1 You can fly me to your home town and we can work together In-Person one on one for three days, and that means, we will create a plan, structure it and implement it in record time! But it doesn't end there. After we finish our One-on-One Mentoring, you'll have my ongoing support and attention for 3 full months. I want to make sure you're implementing and following the plan, but most importantly, that you get RESULTS

Option #2 is to work together online, over Skype or Zoom. We'll share our screens and I'll guide you through all the steps you need to take, our sessions will be spread over 3 to 6 months, depending on your level and your needs.

And Option #3 is for you to come to Chile! We spend 3 days working on your sales funnels and your business. When you come to Chile, as a bonus you get access to my Professional Video team, we will record all the videos you'll need for your funnels and ads, and even edit them for you!

Once we decide the HOW, we will get on the phone and discuss the following:

#1 What Are You Selling?
#2 What Does Your Current Sales Funnel/Business Model Look Like?
#3 How Are You Generating Traffic/Getting Leads?
#4 What Are You Doing On The Back End?
#5 What Do You Want To Achieve Moving Forward?

Once we have that information, we will be able to focus on the main aspects:

- Building You A High Converting Sales Funnel
- Setting Up Your High Ticket Offers
- Driving Paid Traffic To Your Funnel
- Building Long Term Relationships With Your Prospects And Customers through E-mail Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing and Social Media.
- Helping you become the best version of YOU.

I'll be honest with you. It doesn't matter how great your Mentor is, no matter how awesome your business is. If you don't take action, if you're going to rest in your laurels and not give it your best, you won't be successful. You have to be willing to give 10X what you thought you could. Success has to come from within YOU, not from the outside.

"Carolina is one of the truly caring people that I know. She genuinely cares about the person she's working with."
Katie Munch, Founder Longwood Ventures

Remember this: "Your Only Limitation Is The One You Set Up In Your Own Mind" - Napoleon Hill

You will have access to me over Skype, Facebook, Email and even WhatsApp, which is kinda like having me on a walkie-talkie, you can literally talk to me any time you want! 

If you choose the online program, it will be customized to your needs, so the number of meetings we'll have will be according to the level you are at, the business you run, and the type of support you require.

My Elite Mentoring Program is designed for you to learn, implement and see results. So what are you waiting for?

Be aware that for my In-Person program I can only accept three people per year.  I'm not making this up, as I really can't clone myself to fly to that many homes in one year, or have that many people flying in to Chile :). Will that be you? It's your time to decide my friend.

"I'm so Confident that My Business Will Reach another level again thanks to Carolina!"
Luke Hawkins, Founder Luke Hawkins Coaching
T.J. Rohleder,
America's Bluejeans Millionaire, Founder of M.O.R.E.
"I am thrilled to recommend Carolina to all of my Clients. She has an Amazing Success Story to tell, she loves teaching others how to make a lot of money...and most important: she cares deeply about everyone she helps. A truly rare person indeed yet you have one right here. TAKE ACTION and let her begin to help you make all the money you want and deserve..."
"When I first met Carolina at a Mastermind event I was immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of video marketing and branding
I strongly recommend working with Carolina as her kind yet professional approach is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cloudy industry." 
Bill Pescosolido
"Carolina has been instrumental in helping me put together a plan of action to help me be successful. I suggest you get in touch with her at your earliest convenience to work with her"
Joshua Cohen, New York City, NY
"It's so easy and fun to work with Carolina. She really cares about the people who are working with her."
Emilis "Emka" Strimaitis

Gary Gomez, USA

Ernest Lim, Sydney, Australia

Deborah Robertson, Covington, Georgia

Jeremy Almodovar, Valencia, CA

Amir Mahmoud, Houston, TX

Evelyn van der Harst, Australia

"From just one coaching call with Carolina I got strategies to implement that generated $13,000 Dollars in sales for me! 
She's been an amazing Mentor!"

Chiara Francica, 
Internet Entrepreneur, Malta
Do You Want To Learn How to Make $100K a Year?
Or even 7 figures per year? It doesn't really matter how much money you want to make, what matters to me is your purpose. I want to create hundreds of success stories. I want to touch people's lives and help them. I want YOU to be my next success story! 

But I have to warn you. This is not for everyone. 

I'm looking for people who already have something of value to offer and some level of results. I want to work with people who know their purpose is beyond making money. If you you don't have a dime to your name and you think this will make you some fast cash, forget it, you're not whom I'm looking for. This isn't the program for you.

My vision is to create a network of successful entrepreneurs who can also add value to each other.  

So if you know that you have something to offer, if you're an action taker, but you need that push, that guidance, that mentorship that I can provide, then come on, apply, because I'm waiting for YOU! 
"In 2 days working with Carolina I got brand new results I never had in years working in my business"
Karine Renaud, Founder KarineRenaud.Com
Who is Carolina Millan?
Over the past 10 years Carolina has been training herself in the art of being an entrepreneur. She's built a following of tens of thousands of people from all over the World. From speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people, to working one on one with her clients, Carolina is passionate about helping you create the Life and Business of Your Dreams through your Passions! 
Individual results will vary. CarolinaMillan.Com SpA makes no guarantees of income to be earned in a specific time frame. 
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