"Allow Me To Hand You 
Road Map To Success And Show You How To Execute It Right There On The Spot..."
Come Mastermind With Me! February 24th, 25th & 26th 2017 in Miami, FL!
Grant Cardone
"I am SO Excited to be spending time with you. I always get inspired by your Snaps you send to me. I love you, you're awesome, and you deserve to have great, unbelievable things happen for you."
I strongly believe in the Power of the Mastermind. I also believe in the Power of Execution. And so, when you put the two together, you inevitably get a Recipe for Success.

I've been mastering the art of Digital Entrepreneurship since 2010. That year I was finally able to quit my job. My journey had started in 2008, but not without struggle. Since then, I've been focused on getting better and better, learning new skills, but most importantly, implementing what I learn.

Over the past few years I've been able to travel the World and meet people from so many different places, cultures and backgrounds. I've been speaking on stages around the World, inspiring others with my story. I've also worked one on one with dozens of Entrepreneurs who trusted me with their education and success. 
And I've also been making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Now it's YOUR Turn.

Whatever your dream is, you can go after it. Don't go after other people's dreams, but your own.

During these Three days we will focus not only on learning, but implementing. That's why I'm looking for people who are ready to take what I show them, and implement it. People who take MASSIVE action, whether it's perfect or not. Just do it! 

So if you're expecting to attend a Mastermind where you just take notes and "hopefully do something when you get home" this isn't the event for you.
However, if you're ready to see RESULTS, if you're tired of doing the same thing and not getting the outcome you want, then this is for you.

I'm looking for people who are HUNGRY. For Success, for Change, hungry to generate an IMPACT in their lives and in the World. 
You will arrive in Miami on the 24th of February and we will being working that afternoon. You'll be able to ask me anything about your business and marketing strategies. I have invited Chiara Francica, a remarkable internet Entrepreneur, to come and teach her strategies to you as well! 

The next two days, February 25th and 26th, we will focus on the following topics:
  • Your Message - Finding exactly what your message is, and how to convey it to the World
  • Your Audience - Finding the right audience for you, the people who will benefit the most from what you have to offer
  • Your Branding - We will figure out how you will brand yourself and your business to better communicate with your audience. Which social media platforms you will use and how
  • Your Traffic - We will focus on how to use FB Advertising and a couple of other traffic sources to attract your ideal clients. We will build a sales funnel together to start sending traffic to.
  • Your Systems - The systems you will leverage in order to automate parts of your business! 
PLUS - if you're a VIP ticket holder, we will get your branding videos and professional photography done by my professional team! 

MY GOAL: that you walk out of this Mastermind not only with the tools you need, but also with at least one funnel and one campaign running for your business, generating leads for you before you get home.
"Carolina has been my Mentor, my Coach, everything I want to be when I grow up! She shares everything she learns, she's fabulous, I recommend her very much!" 
- Connie Cantillo, VIP Mastermind Attendee, Miami
Because no irresistible offer would be complete without adding some mind-blowing bonuses! Besides the fact that you're getting 10X the value you'll be investing in your ticket, I wanted to add a couple of bonuses to make the experience even more OUTSTANDING for you. 
AMAZING BONUS #1 - FREE Access to Carolina's WEBINAR MASTERY training course ($997 Value)

Marketing Rockstars - Webinar Mastery

As part of my Marketing RockStars training series, I created the Webinar Mastery course in order to focus 100% on the art of creating, advertising and launching high converting sales webinars for your business. You'll learn everything from creating your slides, to monetizing your campaign and structuring a killer offer!
This is a 4-module course, including 10+ hours of incredibly valuable content that is going to turn you into a Webinar Master! 
AMAZING BONUS #2 - FREE Access to Chiara's Social Media Star Course ($997 Value)

Social Media Star by Chiara Francica

In this comprehensive 4-Module social media course, Chiara walks you through her most ninja strategies to build a Celebrity Brand using Facebook. This course is focused mostly on free strategies, and shows you exactly how Chiara managed to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, and how you can implement these strategies too! 
Carolina Millán
International Speaker, Business Coach, Social Media Strategist
"Ever since I discovered my passion for coaching, I've been on a quest to help others find success and get closer to their dream life.
I believe we have to follow our passions, because they'll always lead us somewhere good"
Chiara Francica
Elite Coaching Client, Six Figure Success Coach
"Gotta love working with Carolina! I only had one coaching call with her and applied the strategies she recommended... Boom, made my investment back + profit and that was from one call!"
I've invited my Mentoring Client and fellow Rock Star Female Entrepreneur Chiara Francica to teach you her social media money-making strategies at our Private Workshop. I'm really excited about it and so is she! Chiara has a number of achievements, one of them, being that she made over $100K in 6 months just from FREE strategies that she'll teach you how to duplicate.
Nik Halik
International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Global Investor, Astronaut and Adventurer
I got confirmation from Nik and he's going to pop by our Mastermind!
Nik is the founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global, The Thrillionaires® and iCoach Global. He is a global wealth strategist, successful entrepreneur, international speaker
That's right.

The single most important factor that is going to define your success is how determined you are to go after your dreams.
If you are simply "interested" in making more money, in living your passion, your purpose, in changing the World, then that's a recipe for failure. Like my friend Grant Cardone says, you have to be OBSESSED, or you're simply going to be average.
"Success is 80% Psychology and only 20% Mechanics" 
- Tony Robbins
Before you can think about becoming successful, you also have to work on your psychology. And that is something we will also focus on during our Mastermind. 

If you know deep down that all you need in order to complete your own recipe for success is guidance, someone showing you how it's done, a step by step blueprint that you can implement immediately, together, then this is for you. I want you to be there.

"Carolina is one of the truly caring people that I know. She genuinely cares about the person she's working with."
Katie Munch, New Jersey
The testimonials you see on this page are real. Real people that I've met, worked with or learnt from. Students and Mentors, who can speak for me. 

I know I got what it takes to help you. So the real question is, Do You want to Help Yourself?
T.J. Rohleder
America's Bluejeans Millionaire
"I am thrilled to recommend Carolina to all of my Clients. She has an Amazing Success Story to tell, she loves teaching others how to make a lot of money...and most important: she cares deeply about everyone she helps. A truly rare person indeed yet you have one right here. TAKE ACTION and let her begin to help you make all the money you want and deserve..."
Here's A Sneak Peak At One Of Our Previous Masterminds...
"When I first met Carolina at a Mastermind event I was immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of video marketing and branding. 
I strongly recommend working with Carolina as her kind yet professional approach is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cloudy industry."
Bill Pescosolido
"Carolina has been instrumental in helping me put together a plan of action to help me be successful. I suggest you get in touch with her at your earliest convenience to work with her"
Josh Cohen, NYC
"It's so easy and fun to work with Carolina. She really cares about the people who are working with her."
Emilis Strimaitis
Some of the Industry Leaders I've Been Able To Connect With...
Gary Vaynerchuk
Russell Brunson
Mike Koenigs
Jeremy Schoemaker 'Shoemoney'
Grant Cardone
Nik Halik
Do You Really Want To Learn What It Takes To Succeed in 2017 and Make 6 Figures Per Year Online?
Or even 7 figures per year? It doesn't really matter how much money you want to make, what matters to me is your purpose. I want to create hundreds of success stories. I want to touch people's lives and help them. I want YOU to be my next success story! 

But I have to warn you. This is not for everyone. 

If you you don't have a dime to your name and you think this will make you some fast cash, forget it, you're not whom I'm looking for. This isn't the program for you.
If you allow money to be the reason you can't be successful, if you're not ready to become resourceful to make things happen for you, then this isn't for you.

I'm looking for people who already have something of value to offer and some level of results. I want to work with people who know their purpose is beyond just making money. 

If you are someone who takes full responsibility for their results, for their life, then I want you to be there.

My vision is to create a network of successful entrepreneurs who can also add value to each other.  

So if you know that you have something to offer, if you're an action taker, but you need that push, that guidance, that mentorship that I can provide, then come on, apply and let's talk, because I'm waiting for YOU! 

"In 2 days working with Carolina I got brand new results I never had in years working in my business!"
Karine Renaud, Canada
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